Top 10 Best Car Audio & Video Dash Mounting Kits in 2016 Reviews

One thing that you need to get worried is how comfortable will you get to drive around safely when you don’t have an idea of a route to go. That means that you need to get a product that will assist you with that ability of holding your smartphones for you as you use your goggle maps to give you direction. Our products are fully functional and they’ll provide you safe, functional phone mounting solution that will grip your device securely in your car and let you drive with confidence. Grab these best car audio and video dash mounting kits and drive smarter.

10. iOttie Easy One Touch 2

iOttie Easy One Touch 2

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This item will lock and release your device with only a push of a finger. It features super sticky gel pads that stick securely to most surfaces. It comes with a new two-step locking lever which will ensure that your mount will always be used on different surfaces. The telescopic arm can extend up to two additional inches which is great to give you more viewing option while using your mount.

09. iOttie Easy One Touch 3

iOttie Easy One Touch 3

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This device can fit devices which have 3.5” in width. This item features an improved telescopic arm which will add up to one inch and let you enjoy closer device viewing. The sticky gel pack will stick securely to most surfaces and removing it is also easy. The item comes with dashboard pad that will be important in making sure that you are able to attach it to different surfaces.

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08. Kenu Airframe

Kenu Airframe

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This item will keep your device in sight and make it ready for GPS direction, hands-free calls and also streaming music. It has patented design and you can rotate your device to any direction. This item is compatible with iPhones which have up to five inch screen and it is lightweight and small to fit in your pocket. This is the right item that you can use to enjoy GPS direction.

07. Kenu Airframe+

Kenu Airframe+

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This is the best potable car mount which is ideal for your Smartphone and you can attach it to any air vent and then insert your device and you’re ready to enjoy GPS direction, hands-free call and streaming music and enjoy improved driving experience. It is also lightweight and it will be your best companion for daily use and business trips.

06. iOttie Easy One Touch Mini CD Slot

iOttie Easy One Touch Mini CD Slot

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This mounting kit is universal and can fit all Smartphone and also their cases which have 2.3 to 3.5 inches wide. It comes with lever to keep your valuables securely in place and the cradle can rotate up to 360-degres and this is ideal for optimal viewing angles. It is effortless to fix it to your phone and it will lock and release your Smartphone with only a simple touch.

05. Car Mount, Ugreen Air Vent

Car Mount, Ugreen Air Vent

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You can use this item while traveling and you will like it because it can be tilted to right, left, up and down and so you can easily create any perfect position you wish. It has adjustable sizing braces that will allow virtually any portable device which has up to 75mm wide screen. It has simple design which is completely cradle-less and also tool-free design.

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04. Radar Detector Dashboard

Radar Detector Dashboard

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This item is very simple to install and it doesn’t need brackets, Velcro, tape, glue or suction cups you simply place it on the magic mat and it will stay safe. It feature amazing super grip and strong hold and it can work well for GPS, cell phone and satellite radios, too. No sticky residue upon removal and it is washable and reusable, too.

03. Scosche MAGFMB Magnetic

Scosche MAGFMB Magnetic

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You need this item and it will let you conveniently mount your Smartphone and more and it is effortless to use and it will securely hold your device in place. Thanks that it has cradle-free design which uses high-powered magnets that will secure your phone during those moments when you need it most. It is also great for convenient viewing.

02. Rokform iPhone 7 PLUS

Rokform iPhone 7 PLUS

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This is a discrete and power car mount which will instantly mount your Smartphone to your dash and more and it has been proven to be safe and also reliable since 2011. The case is shockproof and it has protective hard outer shell and also core which is soft and resistant to impact. It has patented twist lock system and you can use it to mount optional accessories for cars, bike, motorcycles and more.

01. Kenu Airframe+White

Kenu Airframe+White

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You need to improve your driving experience with this item which is effortless to use. The mount is wonderfully minimalistic but it will do its work perfectly and keep your device secure in place. Installing it is a breeze and it feels sturdy and it is great for Google maps. The mount kit uses rotating clip that will securely mount airframe and it has expandable jaw that will support larger Smartphone.

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No matter what skin, case or device you’re using, these best car audio and video dash mounting kits will latch securely and let you improve your driving experience and have confidence in mind. They are also great for Google maps and you will enjoy streaming music and hands-free calls. Your varying Smartphone will sit in perfect position and you will love the exciting feature of these dash mounting kits. Grab yours now and confidence in mind will be yours.